MLA 2019 Booya

BOOYA 2019


On behalf of the McKenzie Lakes Association, I want to take this opportunity to thank all who helped with this year’s Booya.


A special thanks to George and Terry, who make the day work, to Chris Rahn, our MC, who kept things moving, Doug McCreadie, our retiring Master Booya Chef, and to Lisa who kept me going in the right direction. A big thanks to all who volunteered with food prep, ticket sales, cooking, manning the food tent, manning the beverage tent, selling bucket tickets, selling paddles, manning the membership booth, manning the clothing booth, and, not least of all set up and cleanup by the 6:00AM boys and the rest of the crew.


Another big thank you to those who generously donated food, money, and prizes.


And finally, thanks to all who came to support and enjoy the event. It was a wonderful day. Most importantly, we reconnected with neighbors and made new friends. It’s all about our lakes community.

As a side benefit, we made some money.



Ann Powers