July 2018 Minutes

Minutes from McKenzie Lakes Association Meeting ~July 28, 2018

The meeting was called to order by our Vice-President, George Kuechle at 9:00 am


George welcomed everyone to the meeting. There were approximately 20 people present at the 3rd  meeting of 2018 of the McKenzie Lakes Association


Minutes & Treasurer’s report:

The minutes from the previous meeting were shared ~ Minutes amended to reflect names of officers who have signature authority on bank account.  Correction was made for the date of the next meeting changes.

The treasurer’s report was not available.


Joel presented $226 from bread donations.  Joel will not bake break next week (Aug 3) due to the booya.

Booya Committee:

  • August 4th—Big Fundraiser for the year.
  • Tickets have been sent out by mail
  • Meat raffles, bucket raffles
  • Meat and veggie preparation Thursday 2 8:00 am McKenzie Landing
  • Still need help with food prep on Aug 3, Set-up morning of Booya, Kitchen help during booya and clean-up after booya. If interested just show up at the times indicated,
  • If interested in helping or donating please contact Ann Powers

Seechi Disc Readings

            Big McKenzie:  11.25 ft, Middle: 12ft, Lower: 8 ft

AIS Committee:

  • Big McKenzie: July 6 Veliger tow was conducted with the help of St.Croix River Ass.  Results in Aug
  • Middle McKenzie: July 19 ZM Management Committee conducted underwater assessment.  Found two adult ZM on rocks near island.  With this second location findings, DNR will consider ZM are an established AIS in MM.  A juvenile ZM was found on a plate sampler on Roberts Rd for a third location where ZM have been found.  In addition samples were collected to check for spiny water fleas.
  • Volunteers on MM did a Purple Loostrife assessment and cut and sprayed found plants

Roadside Clean-up Committee:

Fred Baltrusis has volunteered to take over the roadside clean-up.  Next year we will obtain vouchers from the town of Scott so that we can take the recovered trash to the town dump without a charge from the city.  Fred will bring a trailer the morning of the clean-up to transport the trash.  No more GREEN DUMPSTER:

Website Committee:

  • Teri deClairville has updated the website per all requests.

Apparel Committee:

  •  This is the last year that the Rich and LeeAnn will be in charge of apparel and would like someone else to take over selling the apparel. If you are interested in being in charge, contact a board member.  Special thanks to them for their 13 years of volunteering.


  • Sandy is looking for captains to take specific address and contact cabin owners to not only ask them to join the MLA but educate them on the benefits of belonging to the Lake Association.

Walleye Fund:

  • George asked Tom Powers to comment on monies donated for a certain fund:
  • Tom mentioned that the fund must be used for what is has been designated for unless the person who donated the money would allow it to be used for some other project or they can ask to have the money return to the original donor.

2019 Objectives:

  • Two objectives were presented. One to increase membership by at least 50 members and to apply for a Clean Boat/Clean Water grant from the DNR.
  • A resolution was introduced to apply for a Clean Boat/Clean Water grant. Resolution was approved.



Upcoming 2019 Calendar
  Roadside Clean-up:  April 27 (need new chairman)
Booya Food Prep

Aug, 2 -8:00 am

Booya –August 4th

8:00 a.m. Set-up

12:00 a,m Serving starts

May Meeting May 25
Annual Meeting June 29
Boat Parade July 4
July Meeting July 27
Booya August 3
September Meeting September 1




  • Adjourn: 9:26