July 2019 Newsletter

Minutes of the July 27, 2019 McKenzie Lakes Association Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Sandy Swanson, President, at 9:00 AM.


Sandy welcomed everyone to the meeting.  There were 33 members present.


Special Guest Presentation: Craig Roberts, DNR Fishery Biologist

Craig presented the results of a full fish survey on Middle McKenzie and compared it to the last survey completed in 2003. His slides will be available on our website in the next week.


Minutes & Treasurer’s report:

There were no additions or corrections to the minutes of the previous meeting.  The minutes from the June 29th MLA meeting were approved.


Jeff Larson, Treasurer, presented the treasurer’s report. The report was approved.



The Website has been updated with new pictures and AIS information.


Seechi Disk Readings:

Seechi Disk readings:  Lower McKenzie 11 ft.  Middle McKenzie was 10.5 ft.  Big McKenzie 10.5 ft.


Loon Watch:

There was a report that there were two baby loons seen with a single breeding pair on Big McKenzie. There was a report of a single baby loon on Lower McKenzie. There have been no reports of nesting loons or baby loons on Middle McKenzie.


Rapid Response Grant:

We are in final year of the three year grant with enough money to support paid Boat Inspectors for Big McKenzie.  We have met our matching requirements for the entire grant therefore we do not have to track volunteer hours. Boat inspection hours, paid or volunteer are being tracked through the DNR, SWIMS database.


ZM Update     

On July 10th the ZM Committee did an underwater survey, veliger tows, and eDNA sampling of Lower McKenzie.  Our thanks to Bob Nagel for the use of his pontoon.  After the outing, the team met for a debriefing at McKenzie Landing.  Results of the testing could take up to 8 weeks.




Big McKenzie Boat Inspections:

From the fishing opener to last weekend (July 20, 21) we performed a total of 192 hours of boat inspections..  Volunteer hours  to date are 29, paid hours are 163. Washburn County/Burnett County have provided a few paid inspector who are not included in this grant. We are tracking hours, both volunteer and paid on the DNR SWIMS database.


Middle McKenzie Boat Inspections:

From the fishing opener to last weekend (July 20, 21), we had a total of 231 hours of boat inspections.  Paid inspectors total hours are 151 and 80 volunteer hours.  We have met the required minimum of 200 hours of boat inspections and are ahead of our 25% in kind match.


4th of July Boat Parade:

BM-Judges– Sophie Barnett, Becca, Marek, and Daniel Lang and the Bremel girls.  1st place McGrath family.  2nd place Bluemel family.

MM- Judges: Bob Hoffman Family 1st place Gatti family.  2nd place Schaefer family.


Booya:  Ann Powers, Chairman, updated members on the progress in preparation for the Booya.  Many volunteers are needed to make this annual fund raiser a success.  She has the volunteers needed for food prep on the 1st but extra volunteers are needed to lift heavy items and set up Sat AM, volunteers to clean up at 4 PM. Becky Swanson ordered new apparel and  discounted some of the slower selling items plus offering some discounts.   Be sure and take a look at the items on display at the upcoming Booya fund raiser.


New business:                                                                                                                                              We are scheduling our 3 lake AIS plant study for 2020.  This will be a mini study with a more involved APM plant study slated for 2022.  We are hopeful to have the cost defrayed with DNR grants.

2020 Calendar:                                                                                                                                       Sandy presented the dates for the 2020 calendar.  A motion was made and approved for the 2020 dates.  The calendar with dates and responsibilities are presented below.

2020 Calendar

Activity Date Chairperson
Roadside Clean-up April 25 Fred Baltrusis
Alternative Date for Clean-up May 9
1st MLA Meeting May 30 Sandy Swanson
MLA Annual Meeting June 27 Sandy Swanson
Boat Parade July 4 BM-McGrath Family (2020 Judges) or TBD
MM-Gatti Family (2020 Judges)
3rd MLA Meeting July 25 President MLA
Booya August 1 Ann Powers
4th MLA Meeting August 29 President MLA


Up-coming events:

August 1st:  Thursday at 8 am, Food preparation for booya McKenzie Landing

August 3:   Booya Set-up 8 AM- Serving starts at 12 Noon, McKenzie Landing

August 31: 4th and final meeting of the year, 9 AM McKenzie Landing

Meeting was adjourned at 10 AM

2019 – 2020 McKenzie Lakes Association Board of Directors

Sandy Swanson (2021)

1161 Carson Road

Spooner, WI 54801



Vice President

George Kuechle (2022)

1213 County Road E

Spooner, WI 54801




Mike Schollmeyer (2022)

8197 Inland Lane

Maple Grove, MN 55311




Jeff Larson (2020)

3569 Widgeon Way

Eagan, MN 55123



Swany Swanson (2021)

West 9580 County Road E

Spooner, WI 54801




Scott Ballantyne  (2022)

PO Box 451, Spooner, WI



Ted Colangelo (2020)

10604 Hawthorn Trail

Woodbury, MN 55129



Missy Isabella  (2021)

2628 John Avenue

Superior, WI 54880



Lisa Kiener-Barnett (2020)  

4534 Basswood Drive

Lisle, IL 60532