June 2018 Minutes

Minutes from McKenzie Lakes Association Meeting ~June 30, 2018

The meeting was called to order by our President, Lisa Kiener at 9:03 am


Lisa welcomed everyone to the meeting. There were approximately 40 people present at the annual meeting of the McKenzie Lakes Association


Minutes & Treasurer’s report:

The minutes from the previous meeting were shared ~ no corrections or changes.

The treasurer’s report was shared with some questions about the liability insurance.

Old Business

  • APM Update: Brad Morris completed the plant study for all three lakes. Brad was able to pay the entire cost of the study through a county land and water conservation grant. A copy of the report is available on request for review from Sandy Swanson.
  • Website: Teri deClairville has updated the website per all requests.
  • Apparel: There is still some apparel available and the Borseth’s are looking for suggestions on what to order for BOOYA. This is the last year that the Rich and LeeAnn  will be in charge of apparel and would like someone else to take over selling the apparel. If you are interested in being in charge, contact a board member.  Special thanks to them for their years of volunteering.
  • Membership: Handbooks are available to new members/lake owners (see Sandy Swanson).

Sandy proposed a Membership campaign where we use volunteers to meet with all cabin owners who are not present members. There is approximately 400 cabins on the 3 lakes with over 200 cabins who are not members. Sandy proposes to assign addresses to the campaign volunteers and over the months of the summer to introduce them to the MLA and answer any question they may have. If you are willing to volunteer for the membership drive, contact Sandy Swanson ASAP.

Secchi Disc Readings: Lower = 12 feet, Big = 11.75, and Middle = 11 feet

  • ZM Update:
    • ZM Management Teams end of year summary report is online on our website
    • July 9th ~ Veliger tow will be conducted on Big McKenzie in association with the St Croix River Association
    • July 16th ~ The ZM Committee will conductive a surface and subsurface AIS survey on Middle McKenzie from 10-12:30.
    • Decon Station: Each of the public landings. Challenge is getting volunteers to change the bleach.  We need more volunteers for weekdays on Lower McKenzie.  Replenishing the bleach takes only a few minutes.  If you would like to help out contact  Mike S. (see page 3 for information)
    • Thanks to John Lofswold and Jane Willette for putting together and maintaining the schedule for the volunteers replenishing the bleach at the landings.
    • We have Interns at boat landings on Big and Middle performing boat inspections and educating the public about Aquatic Invasive Species.  The interns are being supported through MLA’s Rapid Response Grant.  As of last weekend 188 boats were inspected and 333 people contacted on BM and 122 boats and 194 people contacted on MM so far this year.
    • You must decontaminate your boat when it is removed from the water—even if you are putting it into storage.  It is the law!
    • ZM can attach to plant material and transported.  Thus it is important to remove all plant material as well as to decontaminate your boat.
    • Service providers (people who put in docks etc.) were contacted in the spring to remind them to either decontaminate their equipment or use equipment reserved for only one lake.
    • Boats who do not comply with the law can be fined. Contact the County AIS coordinator if you witness (take pictures) with information. The sheriff will be contacted and contact the boat owner. Game Wardens do not enforce county laws.  Thus we must go thru the sheriff department.
    • The DNR Rapid Response Grant coordinator responsibilities have been transfer from Lisa Kiener to Sandy Swanson.
  • Purple Loosestrife:
    • The county has decided, they will be collect beetles and release them in trouble areas rather than collecting and having volunteers raise them, then releasing in infested areas.



  • Joel the bread man!
    • THANKS!!!! Joel has been baking bread for a few weeks now and he is donating all proceeds to MLA. JOEL is not selling the bread. He is making the bread and giving it out for free—Please consider making a DONATION though. 30 loaves (June) $262
    • August 4th—Big Fundraiser for the year.
    • Meat raffles, bucket raffles
    • Signup sheets going around (donations, set up, veggies cutting)
    • If interested in helping or donating please contact Ann Powers or Lisa Kiener
  • Proposed Budget:
    • An amended budget 2018/2019 was approved.  Jeff will be moving our accounts from Bank of the West to CCF Bank.
      • Fireworks donation has been discontinued (voted last year). We now be paying ($1500) to McKenzie Landing for use of their facility and time
      • Plant study has to be repeated every 3 years, MLA approximate cost is $5,000 with the rest usually provided by the county thru grant money.  Jeff suggested that 1/3 of this amount be budgeted each year so we can accumulated enough to pay for the study when it comes due.


Upcoming 2019 Calendar
MLA Meeting – July 28

9:00 a.m. McKenzie Landing

Roadside Clean-up:  April 27 (need new chairman)
Booya Food Prep

Aug, 2 -8:00 am

Booya –August 4th

8:00 a.m. Set-up

11:30 a,m Serving starts

May Meeting May 25
Annual Meeting June 29
Boat Parade July 4
July Meeting July 27
Booya August 3
September Meeting August 31


  • Walleye Fund
    • Discussion led by Mike Schollmeyer on the status of the walleyes in the lake.  DNR has been stocking larger fingerlings over the last eight years and will be doing a summary report and recommendations for the lakes this winter.  At the present time there is approximately $7,000 in the MLA walleye fund. We will have further discussions at future meetings.  Presently it costs the DNR about $25,000 to stock walleye fingerlings every other year and the DNR does not believe it will do any good to add more stocking to what is presently being done.
      • We can’t move funds from one fund to another unless we contact original donors and get their permission.  Sandy is trying to contact one of the largest of our earlier donors to determine if they are willing to allow the money to be moved to another fund.
    • Each of the four people whose terms are expiring agreed to stay on. There were no nominations from the floor and all four were reelected to a three year term. The elected people are:
    • Missy Isabella
    • Mike Schollmeyer
    • Sandy Swanson
    • Swany Swanson






  • Officer Election-
    • The following are the officers for 20018/9
      • President-Sandy Swanson
      • VP- George Kuechle
      • Secretary-Mike Schollmeyer
      • Treasurer-Jeff Larson
    • Lisa president since 2003 has decided this will be her last year as the Booya Chair. Ann Powers will be co-chair with Lisa this year.  Thanks Lisa for your years of dedication to this important fund raiser for the Association.
    • Adjourn: 10:16
2018-2019 McKenzie Lakes Association Board

Sandy Swanson (2018)

1161 Carson Road

Spooner, WI 54801



(Vice President)

George Kuechle (2016)

1213 County Road E

Spooner, WI 54801



Mike Schollmeyer (2018)

8197 Inland Lane

Maple Grove, MN 55311




Jeff Larson (2017)

3569 Widgeon Way

Eagan, MN 55123



Swany Swanson (2018)

West 9580 County Road E

Spooner, WI 54801




Teri deClairville (2016)

940 2nd Street NW

New Brighton, MN 55112



Ted Colangelo ((2017)

10604 Hawthorn Trail

Woodbury, MN 55129



Missy Isabella  (2018)

2628 John Avenue

Superior, WI 54880



Lisa Kiener-Barnett (2017)  

4534 Basswood Drive

Lisle, IL 60532




It’s time to recognize those individuals working to protecting our lakes thru their volunteer efforts.  This is by no means a complete list.  So if there is someone you want to recognize, send me an email with their name and a short list of what they are doing out there.  Thanks Mike Schollmeyer.


People Volunteering to Protect our Lakes
 Eric DeMasters Seechi disk reading-BM Jane Willette Decon Stations schedulers and maintenance
  Seechi disk reading-LM John Lofswold


Decon Bleach Maintainers

Vicki Beitz Terry Utzig Becky Swanson
Julie Kollitz Tom Powers Mary Swanson
Kathy Young- Jill Alverson Teri deClairville
Jennifer Sorenson Dan Slowinske


Scott Ballantyne
Sandy Swanson Your Name Here Your Name Here


Volunteer Opportunities

McKenzie Lakes Association would like to acknowledge that all of the recent progress made in the fight against Aquatic Invasive Species could not have been accomplished without the time and dedication of a small group of volunteers. They have made a difference and will continue to do so. However, we need all lake users to step up and do their part, if we are going to get ahead and control AIS on our lakes. Please consider volunteering some of your time and/or money to help in this endeavor. Get involved; get active in the MLA, any involvement is a step forward. If you want to get involved and don’t know what you want to do. Here are some of the activities that McKenzie Lakes Associations needs help with:


Bleach replenishment, boat inspectors, attend MLA meetings, recruit new members, Purple Loosestrife monitor, BOOYA fundraiser, ZM Monitors Plates and other hard surfaces, Website and Newsletter contributions, AIS monitoring, and Roadside Clean-up.


Too busy to volunteer? Then how about donating money instead, to help pay for boat inspectors, AIS plant survey etc. A good rule of thumb would be $12/hr for 4 hours for a total of $48.

To volunteer please contact

Mike Schollmeyer mps1217@aol.com, 612-719-9280


News Items: If you have any announcements, news items or just wanting more information let me know and I will try to accommodate in next Newsletter.  MS


Purple Loosetrife: This is the time of the year that PL will start to develop their reddish purple flowing heads and are easily recognized.  If you suspect you have observed PL and don’t know for sure call one of our board members and one of us will help identify.  If you are sure and there are just a few plants, pull, bag and put in the garbage.  Do not burn or compost.


New Members:  In June 3 new members joined the Association.  Total membership as of July 3rd is 195.  There are approximately 360 lakeshore owners on all three lakes with about 5 present members who are non-lakeshore owners but are members of the Association.  The goal of the membership committee this next year is to increase our membership by 25% or approximately 50 new members.


Membership Form (Please check your membership status on your mailing address label)


Please complete the form and return it with a check for $20.00 payable to “McKenzie lakes Association” Send dues to: Mike Schollmeyer, 8197 Inland Ln, N, Maple Grove, MN 55311

Check Here if any of information is new_______                    Date____________


Mailing Address: Street:__________________________City________________________ State_________, Zip_________________________

Lake Address:  Street:________________________________________________________________

Phone:  Lake/Home:_____________________________Mobil:_______________________________

Email:________________________________Newsletter: By email? Yes__No__By US Mail Yes___No__

Enclosed membership dues for _____One year, ____Two years, _____Three years, ______Other

Amount Enclosed: $__________________




See you at the Booya on August 4th McKenzie Landing