MLA 2018 Accomplishments

McKenzie Lakes Association Accomplishments of 2018

The McKenzie Lakes Association (MLA) and its volunteers were very busy in 2018.  The following is a list of their accomplishments and activities completed or performed during 2018. This list is not necessarily all inclusive of MLA volunteer activities as there are many others working to protect our lakes in their own silent way.

  • Working with the Burnett and Washburn County’s Lakes and Water Associations, MLA was successful in amending the AIS transport laws in Burnett and Washburn Counties to include decontamination of boats entering and leaving county lakes if a decon station is present.
  • MLA contracted with Burnett County to hire Clean Boat/Clean Water boat inspectors at Big McKenzie (BM) and Middle McKenzie (MM) public landings between May and September. All weekends and the major holidays had boat inspectors at the public landings to remind boaters to inspect, clean, and decontaminate their boats.
  • MLA volunteers provided Clean Boat/Clean Water inspectors at the BM and MM landings during times when paid inspectors were not present.
  • Members of MLA serve on the Northwest Wisconsin Lakes Conference Board, responsible for the annual NW Lakes conference in June.
  • Members of MLA serve on the DNR Zebra Mussels Management Committee.
  • A MLA representative serves on the Board of Burnett County Lakes and Rivers Association.
  • Members of MLA presented programs to other lake associations as well as the Washburn and Burnett County Lakes and Rivers Associations on our efforts to contain Zebra Mussels (ZM) and to educate the public about this invasive species.
  • MLA coordinated the monitoring of ZM status in the McKenzie Lakes which included the following.
  • 40 volunteers deployed and monitored sampler plates on the three lakes.
  • Veliger tows in July on MM and BM with the help of MLA volunteers.
  • Subsurface survey on MM in July with MLA volunteers.
  • A major shallow water and deep water survey for ZM densities on BM and MM was performed in August by the ZM Management Committee, volunteers from MLA, and the Jackson Township Fire Department.
  • Volunteers from each of the three lakes, donating many hours and miles, maintained the decontamination stations at the public boat landings.
  • MLA volunteers completed a shoreline survey on MM for Purple Loosestrife and treated any found.
  • MLA volunteers performed water clarity tests (Seechi) disk readings during the summer months on all three lakes and reported the results in the DNR SWIMS database.
  • MLA volunteers performed water testing on MM which included temperature monitoring and water sample collections which were sent to the Wisconsin state laboratory to monitor chlorophyll and phosphorous levels in the lake.
  • MLA volunteers contributed and maintained the MLA website to keep members informed about the Association’s activities.
  • Many volunteers helped to plan, prepare, and staff the annual Booya fundraiser in August.
  • A master bread baker on BM donated his time and culinary skills in raising money for the MLA.
  • With the help of the Land Service Department Conservation Division of Burnett County, the Aquatic Plant Management Plan for all three lakes was updated.
  • MLA volunteers maintained and placed the shallow water buoys on BM.
  • Volunteers placed signs warning boaters to stay away from known loon nesting sites.
  • The DNR Rapid Response Grant requirements for 2017/18 were completed. We fully met the volunteer matching hours and received reimbursement from the DNR for all outstanding invoices.


  • A big thanks to all of the dedicated volunteers and donors who made this a very successful year for the Association.