September 2018 Minutes

Minutes from McKenzie Lakes Association Meeting ~September 1, 2018

The meeting was called to order by our President, Sandy Swanson at 9:00 am


Sandy welcomed everyone to the meeting. There were approximately 26 people present at the 4th and final meeting of 2018 of the McKenzie Lakes Association


Minutes & Treasurer’s report:

The minutes from the previous meeting were shared with no additions or corrections.

The treasurer’s report was shared

Old Business

  • APM Update: A copy of the report is available on Burnett County web site. We will publish link on MLA web site.


  • Rapid Response Grant Update: The first report and request for payment was made to the DNR and accepted. MLA will receive approximately $7,000 for monies spent and will have another request for payment when we receive the final invoice from Burnett County for the CB/CW inspectors.  Next year the RRG will only cover inspectors for the BM landing, therefore MLA will apply for a CB/CW grant for MM public landing inspectors.
  • Website: Teri deClairville has updated the website per all requests.
  • Apparel: This is the last year that the Rich and LeAnn will be in charge of apparel. Becky Swanson has agreed to take over the apparel sales.  Special thanks to Rich and LeAnn for their years of volunteering.
    • Ann Powers shared the results of our Booya fund raiser. Ann would like to have someone volunteer to take over the responsibilities of food ingredient procurement and preparation.
  • Membership:
    • So far there are 7 captains who have agreed to take certain roads or portions of roads to meet potential new members.  We need more captains.  Contact Sandy Swanson if you want to help out with recruiting new members
  • Secchi Disc Readings: Lower = 10 feet, Big = 9.0 feet, and Middle = 11.5 feet


  • ZM Update:
    • On August 22 and 23 the DNR and the ZM Management Team with the help of some MLA volunteers and the Town of Jackson did an extensive underwater survey using snorkel and scuba divers on Big and Middle McKenzie Lakes. The purpose was to take density measurements if ZM were found as well as taking water samples for environmental DNA (eDNA) analysis.  Results are expected later this year.
    • Lisa Burns sent out list of all lakes in Burnett and Washburn counties that have erected decon stations and are doing monitoring for ZM.
    • We have not received the DNA analysis of the ZM from BM sent to the  U of MN AIS Institute.  Results should be available later this year.  The WI DNR has also requested 10 additional lakes in WI with ZM to have their DNA analyzed by the same Institute to develop a database of WI ZM populations.
    • A full report of the ZM findings will be posted on our website once we receive all of the results of the plate monitors, the DNR survey and the DNA analysis.




  • $300 was approved for the purchase of an Association printer.


2019 Calendar
Roadside Clean-up: April 27
Alternative date for Roadside clean-up May 18
May Meeting May 25
Annual Meeting June 29
Boat Parade July 4
July Meeting July 27
Booya August 3
September Meeting August 31



  • Adjourn: 9:45