Annual Booya Cancellation Notice

Dear McKenzie Lakes Association Members and Friends,


This letter provides important McKenzie Lakes Association updates for summer 2020.


With regret, because of Covid 19 virus the Association’s  Board  of Directors made the unanimous decision not to hold the 29th Annual Booya.  The decision was made with consideration for the safety of all who would volunteer and attend the Booya.  It was felt that this is the most prudent thing to do.

We are asking for your help:

The Booya is the primary source of funds for our program.  With the cancelation of the Booya we are asking for your help to fund those programs.  Please consider a donation to the Association in the amount that you would normally spend at the Booya for tickets ($12), bucket raffle, meat raffle etc.  Your donation will help us make up the average $4,000 income from the Booya.  Please remember these funds benefit ongoing programs and the health of our lakes.  Through matching grants we have staffed Clean Boats/Clean Waters inspection and contamination stations on all three lakes.  We have also funded plant studies, and provided information and education to our members.  To donate please send your check made payable to McKenzie Lakes Assoc. in the self-addressed envelope enclosed.

Looking forward, we will plan the 2021 Booya and with your support to help make it a fantastic event!!!


As you know, our dues structure has not changed for several years.  Dues remain at $20 for one year.  If it is time to pay your dues, please consider paying them forward for a year or two.  Enclose your completed membership form and check made payable to McKenzie Lakes Assoc. in the enclosed envelope to Ann Powers.

Another important membership note:  Cabins are changing over and new owners are eager to enjoy their lakeside residences, and get involved in lake life.  The best way to encourage new members is by your face-to-face interaction.  Please be an enthusiastic ambassador for membership in our association.  Visit our newly refreshed website to be familiar with the benefits of membership so you have a few handy facts in mind when you speak to your neighbor.  Join our Facebook page, and our local Next Door group, and make your lake neighbors aware of these points of contact too.

With thanks for your continued support,

Ann Powers, Booya Chair          Sandy Swanson, President