June 2021 Newsletter

McKenzie Lakes Association Newsletter – June 2021

In This Issue:
– May 2021 Meeting Minutes Now Posted
– Disintegrated Big McKenzie Boat Landing to be Shored Up
– What’s Up with Walleye Stocking on McKenzie Lakes? The DNR Breaks it Down
– Our Lakes Need YOU!
– Calendar

May 2021 Meeting Minutes Now Posted

Just. Wow. There was a packed house and a full agenda on May 29 for the first MLA meeting of the year,
held at McKenzie Landing. Thanks to all for your attendance and participation!
If you were unable to attend, check out what you missed by reviewing the meeting’s minutes.

Disintegrated Big McKenzie Boat Landing to be Shored Up

The “hot mess” at the boat landing on Big McKenzie is getting a “hot mix” of asphalt this month to repair
and stabilize its surface. This action is a great first step toward improving the landing for the remaining
summer months. Frustrated watercraft owners have reported for a while that it’s been increasingly hard to
navigate the crumbling landing and successfully launch and take out their boats.

A successful dialogue with the WI Department of Forestry, which oversees the landing, at has now yielded
positive results.

Mike Peterson, Washburn County Forestry administrator in Spooner, and Tim Tarara and Steven Knaup,
cabin owners on Big McKenzie, are partnering to ensure that the conversation toward permanent repairs
will continue. A plan for next steps is under development by the Forestry Administration, including
researching grant/funding options.

According to Peterson, “It is likely that we need to replace the concrete pads, resurface the approach and
possible remove silted material from the launch area.  It is not likely that we can put this all together this
year, but I have hopes that we can schedule a project for next year.”

MLA greatly appreciates the actions of the Forestry Administration to stabilize the landing’s surface as an
interim solution and their continued support for making permanent repairs a priority. Many thanks to Tim
and Steven for taking the lead as point persons on this essential improvement!

What’s Up with Walleye Stocking on McKenzie Lakes? The DNR Breaks it Down

Cabin owners, MLA members and others wonder about the process for stocking the lakes with walleyes.
Moreover, it has from time-to-time come into question why MLA’s walleye fund just can’t be used to stock
the lakes. As it turns out, there are restrictions imposed by the DNR as to how associations may use their funds to independently stock their lakes. Also, in MLA’s case, donors to the fund specifically want their
funds to go toward stocking the lakes – but may be unaware of the rules the DNR imposes at one time or

Craig Roberts, DNR senior fisheries biologist for Burnett and Washburn Counties, responded to a Q & A sent
to him by MLA member Mike Pederson on behalf of the association. Read the latest on the “ins and outs”
of stocking lakes in Burnett and Washburn Counties.

Our Lakes Need YOU!
MLA is a respected force in lake associations in our NW Wisconsin area. Let’s maintain that great reputation
by individually doing what we can to support the association. Consider giving your time to essential roles in
addition to paying annual dues. Check out these opportunities and step up today.

Membership Director – Form a membership committee and take charge of maintaining,
building and engaging current and potential members. Do you have just a few hours during
the year to devote to this endeavor? If so, we’d love to hear from you! This position would
be a great resume-builder for a new college grad or suitable for anyone familiar with MLA’s
mission and goals.

Decon Station Attendants – A small team of devoted attendants are pulling the weight to
ensure the bleach supply at the landings on all three lakes are kept filled so that watercraft
owners can spray their boats going in and coming out of our lakes. This is essential to the
health of our lakes! More attendants are needed, especially on Big and Middle for weeks in
September and October. Please take just minutes of your time to help keep the spray
buckets filled and fresh. Easy peasy!

Boat Landing Monitors – Help educate watercraft owners on the law that requires them to
spray their boats. Once a boat owner know the law, he/she is most often happy to comply.
This is a great way to get to know your lake neighbors and have a relaxing outdoor
experience! If just a few members sign up for a 4 ½ hour slot, we’ll be in great shape for
staffing the boat landings for the summer.

Learn more or sign up for the above positions by contacting Sandy Swanson.


June 26 – MLA Annual Meeting. Join us at McKenzie Landing at 9 a.m. for this important gathering. On the
agenda: Board Elections; budget and bylaws approvals; calendar for 2022.

July 4 – Boat parades! Big McKenzie – meet 1 p.m. West Point; Middle McKenzie – meet 1 p.m. at boat
landing, Racine Drive; Lower McKenzie – meet 1 p.m. at boat landing, Lower McKenzie Boat Landing Rd.

July 31 – MLA meeting, 9 a.m. McKenzie Landing

August 7 – 30th Annual Booya, Noon, McKenzie Landing

September 4 – MLA meeting, 9 a.m. McKenzie Landing

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