The instructions below describe the steps to create the About Us page of this site.

Main Content Setup

  1. Make sure you have the Dashboard open in one browser tab and the page to be edited open in another browser tab.
  2. When at the editing area for the page, click the “Elementor” button to enter the Elementor editor.
  3. Click the “Add New Section” button to create a space for editing.
  4. Select the 2-column layout.
  5. Hover over the gap between the 2 columns and drag the left column edge until it occupies 65% of the width.
  6. Click in the left column to show the widgets available on the Elementor sidebar.
  7. Hover over the Text Editor widget (a cross icon appears) and drag the widget to the left column. A blue bar should appear to indicate the widget is in the column during the dragging process.
  8. Garbage text will initially show in the widget
  9. At the top left of the Elementor sidebar, click the 3X3 dot icon to again display the widgets available.
  10. Drag the Heading widget into the area immediately below the Text Editor widget.
  11. Drag another Text Editor widget below the Heading widget.
  12. Repeat steps 9 and 10 to create another Heading and Text Editor widget.
  13. This completes the widget placement for the left column of the page.
  14. Return to the widgets display (top right 3X3 icon).
  15. Click the Settings icon in the Elementor sidebar lower left.
    Turn the Hide Title switch to “YES”.

Add main content

  1. Click in the top Text Editor widget, enter text for the first paragraph. With the cursor at the end of the paragraph text, push the Enter key to create a new paragraph.
  2. Enter the second paragraph text.
  3. Enter the Heading text “Board Members”.
  4. Enter the first  paragraph text in the text widget below the “Board Members” heading.
  5. With the cursor at the end of the first sentence, hold the shift key down and press the Enter key to create a new line. [Holding the shift key down adds a new line directly below the sentence. Pressing the Enter key without holding the shift key down creates a new paragraph with an empty line below the sentence.] Enter the second sentence. Select the entire sentence text and select the italics icon which appears above the selection. 
  6. Place the cursor at the end of the paragraph over in the Elementor sidebar and push the Enter key to create a new paragraph.
  7. Click the bullet icon in the editing icon list in the Elementor sidebar. Enter the first bullet list text and push the Enter key to create the next bullet item.
  8. Continue with list items and after the last item, click the bullet list icon to return to paragraph editing.
  9. Create the next (Committees) heading and text area as in the steps above.
    Use Shift/Enter to add a line below the bullet item line.
  10. Update the page edits with the “Update” button on the bottom of the Elementor sidebar.
    [Its a good idea to Update your edits periodically. Note that the History icon at the bottom of the Elementor sidebar allows returning to a previous time the page was updated.]
  11. Click the eyeball icon to the left of the “Update” button to preview the page.


  1. Drag the Heading widget to the right column (3X3 dot icon upper right of the Elementor sidebar always reveals the Elementor list of widgets). 
  2. Enter “Contact Us” as the title.
  3. Drag a text widget below the “Contact Us” heading.
    Enter the text explaining the form use.
  4. In the Elementor sidebar, scroll down to the form widget and drag it below the text widget in the right column.
    1. This form is the default form. Many additional options are available such as adding form fields.
    2. One addition is a hidden method to avoid robot submittals.
      Click the “ADD ITEM” to add another form field
      Click the title of the item added to display the settings for that item.
      Select the Honeypot type.
    3. Using the scroll bar on the side of the Elementor sidebar, scroll down to the Email section.
      Enter the email address to receive the form entries.
  5. Update the Elementor edits – bottom of Elementor sidebar.

Green Section

The green section below in the Image widget are help aids such as a link to these instructions and not normally part of this page.

Final Steps

  1. Click the “Update” button at the bottom of the Elementor sidebar to save the page edits.
  2. Click the hamburger icon in the Elementor sidebar, then click the “Exit to Dashboard” button to exit Elementor.