2023 BOOYA !!

2023 BOOYA: Saturday, August 5 was a success! See you next year!

What’s a Booya?

A Booya is a stew, believed to originate in Belgium, but very popular in the Upper Midwest – and especially delicious when prepared by the McKenzie Lakes Association members. Booya is filled with wonderful meats and vegetables and can require up to two days and multiple cooks to prepare; it’s cooked in a “booya kettle” and is meant to serve hundreds of people.  

Why does the McKenzie Lakes Association hold a Booya every year?

1. It’s out major – and only – fundraiser for the year. Proceeds go toward the studies, testing, education, outreach, and everything else that the MLA does to preserve and better our beautiful lakes.

2. It’s an outreach event. Who doesn’t love a Booya? This event is our primary way to get the word out about the MLA, membership, and goals.

3. It’s about community. The Booya is a great way to connect with other members and community members. What better way to do it than to have great food, drinks, and laughs? Make sure to introduce yourself to someone new!


Similar to the ideas in the book “Stone Soup,” the villagers (in our case, members) are all needed to make the Booya a success. 

We’ll need donations of meats and vegetables for the actual booya, as well as other food and non-food items. Also, we need volunteers to make it work!