2021 Booya Wrap-up Report

Here’s the scoop on our very successful 2021 Booya! Thank you letter from Ann Powers Year-to-year comparison report Donors & volunteers

Letter to Zoning Boards

[embeddoc url=”https://mckenzielakes.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/73/2021/10/LETTER-TO-ZONING-OFFICIALS-FINAL_10.1.21.pdf”]

Walleye Stocking Q & A

What’s Up with Walleye Stocking on McKenzie Lakes? The DNR Breaks it Down [embeddoc url=”https://mckenzielakes.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/73/2021/06/WALLEYE-STOCKING-2021.pdf”]

MLA Bylaws 2021

MLA Bylaws 2021 [embeddoc url=”https://mckenzielakes.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/73/2021/07/MLA-BYLAWS-2021.pdf”]

McKenzie Lakes 2020 AIS Survey Report

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Point Intercept Survey Report Big McKenzie Lake Middle McKenzie Lake Lower McKenzie Lake   [embeddoc url=”https://mckenzielakes.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/73/2020/07/McKenzie-Lakes-2020-AIS-Survey-Report.pdf”]

Clean Boats Clean Waters

MLA CLEAN BOATS/CLEAN WATERS BOAT INSPECTIONS ARE BEING CONDUCTED ON BIG, MIDDLE, AND LOWER MCKENZIE PUBLIC BOAT LANDINGS AS OF MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND FOLLOWING CDC AND STATE GUIDELINES FOR COVID-19. Through a DNR grant for 2020, paid and volunteer CBCW boat inspectors will be at the public boat landings throughout the summer every weekend and […]

MLA Mission Statement

McKenzie Lakes Association   Mission: To provide a united voice for the future of the McKenzie Lakes Purpose: To maintain, protect and enhance the quality of the McKenzie Lakes and their surroundings for the collective interests of the members and the good of the general public. History of MLA Started in 1990, MLA presently has […]

Zebra Mussels Update -2019

Zebra Mussel Update: In the fall of 2016, a suspected Zebra Mussel (ZM) was found on a removed dock and verified by the Wisconsin DNR.  McKenzie Lakes Association applied for and received a DNA Rapid Response Grant to assess, monitor for ZM, and to educate the public about the presence of the ZM.  The grant […]