Urgent Need for MLA Volunteers





October 11, 2019

Dear MLA Members:


At the last MLA meeting the participants voted to proceed with applying for a DNR Clean Boats/Clean Waters Grant to support boat inspections at the landings on all three McKenzie Lakes.  Acquiring grant dollars is a crucial objective that will help advance our goal of clean boats and clean waters.  To that end we are requesting you to participate in conducting boat inspections.

Our experience has shown face to face interaction, educating boaters on the methods to battle the spread of invasive species, goes a long way.  Without boat inspections we are creating a large gap in our efforts to control the spread of invasive species.

Your intention to commit to serve as a paid or volunteer boat inspector is needed TODAY. Please indicate your degree of participation on the form included with this correspondence and return to Sandy Swanson via email or postal mail, NO LATER THAN NOVEMBER 15.


Here is what else you need to know:

  • Paid inspectors are hired as contract employees and work at least one 4 or 5-hour shift per weekend. Pay is $12 per hour.
  • All inspectors, paid or volunteer, will be provided a brief training session.
  • The goals are to protect the health of our lakes and to educate boaters on the dangers of spreading aquatic invasive species.
  • Members and non-members are eligible to help in our efforts. HOWEVER, a broad membership base will provide a solid foundation for a sustained volunteer program of inspectors.




McKenzie Lakes Association Aquatic Invasive Species Committee


Urgent_Need_for_MLA_Volunteers Form 

MLA 2019 Booya

BOOYA 2019


On behalf of the McKenzie Lakes Association, I want to take this opportunity to thank all who helped with this year’s Booya.


A special thanks to George and Terry, who make the day work, to Chris Rahn, our MC, who kept things moving, Doug McCreadie, our retiring Master Booya Chef, and to Lisa who kept me going in the right direction. A big thanks to all who volunteered with food prep, ticket sales, cooking, manning the food tent, manning the beverage tent, selling bucket tickets, selling paddles, manning the membership booth, manning the clothing booth, and, not least of all set up and cleanup by the 6:00AM boys and the rest of the crew.


Another big thank you to those who generously donated food, money, and prizes.


And finally, thanks to all who came to support and enjoy the event. It was a wonderful day. Most importantly, we reconnected with neighbors and made new friends. It’s all about our lakes community.

As a side benefit, we made some money.



Ann Powers


May 2019 Minutes

Minutes of the May 25, 2019 McKenzie Lakes Association

The meeting was called to order by Sandy Swanson, President, MLA at 9:00 am


Sandy welcomed everyone to the meeting.  There were 37 people present.


Minutes & Treasurer’s report:

The minutes from the previous meeting were reviewed.  There were no additions or corrections to the minutes. The minutes were approved.


Jeff Larson, Treasurer of MLA, presented the treasurer’s report. He reported our total income for 2018/19 to date of $9,662.78 and the year to date expenses of $4,565.51 for a year to date net income of $5,097.27.


Seechi Disk readings:  Lower McKenzie was 12.5 ft.  and Middle McKenzie was 12 ft.  There was no reading for Big McKenzie by the time of the meeting.


Committee Reports:


Roadside Clean-up:

Roadside Clean-up occurred on April 27 with Rooney and Lipsett Lake Associations participating.  This year we asked volunteers to separate the aluminum cans and any recyclables in separate bags.  The cans were donated to the Senior Center at A&H.  This year we also used our own trailer to haul the trash to the dump, saving the cost of the dumpster as well as depositing the trash. Thanks to all the volunteers, George for hosting the event, the Town of Scott, Mike Carson for the use of his trailer and Fred Baltrusis for organizing the event.



Check website for updated information.



Becky Swanson has taken over the apparel from Rich and LeeAnn Borseth.  We appreciate all the years that they handled the apparel sales for the Association.  If there are any different items that you think should be offered, please contact Becky at rhswan@sbcglobal.net.



Sandy Swanson presented a program for covering all address on the lake to sign-up new members.  Sandy is looking for volunteers to act as captains to cover certain roads around the lakes.  If interested in helping recruit new members contact Sandy Swanson at sandy@northescape.com.

Remember when renewing your membership, fill-out the membership form to make sure we have the correct information.  The form is included at the end of this document.




  • NW Wisconsin Lakes Conference: Friday, June 21, at the Hayward Middle School. Register on-line at St. Croix River Association web site, under “Events”.  Doors open at 8 am with the conference starting at 9 am.  Continental breakfast and lunch are provided.
  • Middle McKenzie fish survey report will be presented by DNR Fish Biologist Craig Roberts at our July 27th meeting. He will also have preliminary survey results from Big McKenzie.  Craig will present at the beginning of the meeting starting at 9am.  Other interested people from the surrounding area have been invited to attend Craig’s presentation

Old Business:

DNR Grants:

Rapid Response Grant:

We are in final year of the three year grant with enough money to support paid Boat Inspectors for Big McKenzie:  We have met our matching requirements for the entire grant therefore we do not have to track volunteer hours.

Big McKenzie Boat Inspections:

In the first 3 weekends from the fishing opener we had 33 Boats Entering/Leaving the lake with 112 people contacted. Boat inspection Volunteer Hours 12, Paid hours, 8.5 (Washburn County has a paid inspector who are not included in this grant).  We do track hours, both volunteer and paid on the DNR, SWIMS database.

Clean Boats Clean Water Grant (CB/CW):

MLA was awarded a CB/CW grant for Middle McKenzie.  This is a one year grant to hire boat Inspectors and educate the public on the prevention of all Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS).  We are required to match 25% of the grant with volunteer hours or in kind money.  If we utilize the full amount, we will require approximately 110 hours of volunteer time.  Paid inspectors have been contracted through Burnett County Conservation Department and will bill MLA for their time.  We have received a partial payment from the DNR with the final payment at the end of the year after we submit our final report and supporting documents.  All data from boat Inspections will be entered into the SWIMS database.

Middle McKenzie Boat Inspections:

In the first three weekends of boat inspections we had 24 Boats Entering/Leaving the lake and 64 people contacted.  Boat inspection volunteer hours were 12 and paid hours were 44.  So far we have spent approximately $836 of the grant ($716 + $120 for T-shirts and supplies). Our CB/CW Grant requires a minimum of 200 hours of boat inspections. So far we have posted 56 hours or 28% of the minimum for the first 3 weekends.


ZM Update

  • MN AIS Institute finalized the genetic testing of the ZM from Big McKenzie wher they compared BM ZM to the populations from MN and from lakes in WI. The results are that BM ZM are more aligned with populations found in WI lakes, thus the origin of the BM population more than likely came from a WI lake.
  • Monitoring will continue on the McKenzie Lakes using plate samplers, veliger tows and eDNA testing. The WI State Lab at the department of Health has set up the eDNA test and has received funding to do the tests for our lakes as well as other lakes in the area that are considered susceptible to ZM.
  • An email went out to all previous volunteers who have placed ZM plate samplers. Sampler plates should be placed in a shady area near or under their docks and to check them periodically throughout the summer.  It is recommend not to remove any ZM found until the end of the monitoring period so that we can get an accurate count.  In 2017, sampler plates averaged 10/sq ft and in 2018 56/sq ft on samplers from BM.
  • On Middle McKenzie there were 3 locations where ZM were found on plate samplers. Density was measured at 0.22/sq ft.
  • No ZM were been found on sampler plates in Lower McKenzie.
  • Burnett County Conservation Department received a DNR grant to help establish decon stations in Burnett and Washburn counties. A number of Lake Associations have received this support and placed decon stations at their public landings.

We still need volunteers to help with boat inspections as well as maintaining the bleach at the decon stations.  If interested even for a weekend or so, call Mike Schollmeyer at 612-719-9280; every little bit helps.

 New Business:

Booya.  A sign-up sheet to donate food items was presented and passed around.  Ann Powers is requesting a volunteer to take over the responsibilities of food ingredient procurement and preparation.   If you want to volunteer to assist or to sign-up to donate some food items, contact her at 612-710-7664 or anntomp@msn.com.  Booya cash donations to help defray expenses are always welcome.

Up-coming events:

June 29th Annual Meeting: 9am McKenzie Landing

July 4th Boat Parade:  Starts at 1 PM

Big McKenzie Starts at West Point

Middle McKenzie:  Starts at Public Landing

July 27th: 3rd meeting of the year 9 AM McKenzie Landing

August 3- Booya Set-up 8am- Serving starts at 12 Noon, McKenzie Landing

August 31 4th Meeting of the year, 9 am McKenzie Landing

Other business 

Loon Watch:

The Loon watch on Big McKenzie has been taken over by Gary and Mary Peterson from Iler Anderson.


Paul Sperling/Beth Squires have taken over the responsibilities for the  buoys on Big McKenzie.  The buoys were placed on 5/25.

 Meeting was adjourned at 9:50




 Membership Form

Please complete the form and return it with a check for $20.00 payable to “McKenzie lakes Association” Send the completed form and Check to: Mike Schollmeyer, 8197 Inland Ln, N, Maple Grove, MN 55311

Check Here if any of information is new_______                    Date____________


Mailing Address: Street:__________________________City_______________________. State_____ Zip______________________

Lake Address: ______________________________________________________________________

Phone:  Lake:___________________Home:_________________________Mobil:_________________

Email:________________________________Newsletter: By email? Yes__No__By US Mail Yes___No__

Enclosed membership dues for _____One year, ____Two years, _____Three years, ______Other

Amount Enclosed: $_______________Dues $___________________Donation


September 2018 Minutes

Minutes from McKenzie Lakes Association Meeting ~September 1, 2018

The meeting was called to order by our President, Sandy Swanson at 9:00 am


Sandy welcomed everyone to the meeting. There were approximately 26 people present at the 4th and final meeting of 2018 of the McKenzie Lakes Association


Minutes & Treasurer’s report:

The minutes from the previous meeting were shared with no additions or corrections.

The treasurer’s report was shared

Old Business

  • APM Update: A copy of the report is available on Burnett County web site. We will publish link on MLA web site.


  • Rapid Response Grant Update: The first report and request for payment was made to the DNR and accepted. MLA will receive approximately $7,000 for monies spent and will have another request for payment when we receive the final invoice from Burnett County for the CB/CW inspectors.  Next year the RRG will only cover inspectors for the BM landing, therefore MLA will apply for a CB/CW grant for MM public landing inspectors.
  • Website: Teri deClairville has updated the website per all requests.
  • Apparel: This is the last year that the Rich and LeAnn will be in charge of apparel. Becky Swanson has agreed to take over the apparel sales.  Special thanks to Rich and LeAnn for their years of volunteering.
    • Ann Powers shared the results of our Booya fund raiser. Ann would like to have someone volunteer to take over the responsibilities of food ingredient procurement and preparation.
  • Membership:
    • So far there are 7 captains who have agreed to take certain roads or portions of roads to meet potential new members.  We need more captains.  Contact Sandy Swanson if you want to help out with recruiting new members
  • Secchi Disc Readings: Lower = 10 feet, Big = 9.0 feet, and Middle = 11.5 feet


  • ZM Update:
    • On August 22 and 23 the DNR and the ZM Management Team with the help of some MLA volunteers and the Town of Jackson did an extensive underwater survey using snorkel and scuba divers on Big and Middle McKenzie Lakes. The purpose was to take density measurements if ZM were found as well as taking water samples for environmental DNA (eDNA) analysis.  Results are expected later this year.
    • Lisa Burns sent out list of all lakes in Burnett and Washburn counties that have erected decon stations and are doing monitoring for ZM.
    • We have not received the DNA analysis of the ZM from BM sent to the  U of MN AIS Institute.  Results should be available later this year.  The WI DNR has also requested 10 additional lakes in WI with ZM to have their DNA analyzed by the same Institute to develop a database of WI ZM populations.
    • A full report of the ZM findings will be posted on our website once we receive all of the results of the plate monitors, the DNR survey and the DNA analysis.




  • $300 was approved for the purchase of an Association printer.


2019 Calendar
Roadside Clean-up: April 27
Alternative date for Roadside clean-up May 18
May Meeting May 25
Annual Meeting June 29
Boat Parade July 4
July Meeting July 27
Booya August 3
September Meeting August 31



  • Adjourn: 9:45

July 2018 Minutes

Minutes from McKenzie Lakes Association Meeting ~July 28, 2018

The meeting was called to order by our Vice-President, George Kuechle at 9:00 am


George welcomed everyone to the meeting. There were approximately 20 people present at the 3rd  meeting of 2018 of the McKenzie Lakes Association


Minutes & Treasurer’s report:

The minutes from the previous meeting were shared ~ Minutes amended to reflect names of officers who have signature authority on bank account.  Correction was made for the date of the next meeting changes.

The treasurer’s report was not available.


Joel presented $226 from bread donations.  Joel will not bake break next week (Aug 3) due to the booya.

Booya Committee:

  • August 4th—Big Fundraiser for the year.
  • Tickets have been sent out by mail
  • Meat raffles, bucket raffles
  • Meat and veggie preparation Thursday 2 8:00 am McKenzie Landing
  • Still need help with food prep on Aug 3, Set-up morning of Booya, Kitchen help during booya and clean-up after booya. If interested just show up at the times indicated,
  • If interested in helping or donating please contact Ann Powers

Seechi Disc Readings

            Big McKenzie:  11.25 ft, Middle: 12ft, Lower: 8 ft

AIS Committee:

  • Big McKenzie: July 6 Veliger tow was conducted with the help of St.Croix River Ass.  Results in Aug
  • Middle McKenzie: July 19 ZM Management Committee conducted underwater assessment.  Found two adult ZM on rocks near island.  With this second location findings, DNR will consider ZM are an established AIS in MM.  A juvenile ZM was found on a plate sampler on Roberts Rd for a third location where ZM have been found.  In addition samples were collected to check for spiny water fleas.
  • Volunteers on MM did a Purple Loostrife assessment and cut and sprayed found plants

Roadside Clean-up Committee:

Fred Baltrusis has volunteered to take over the roadside clean-up.  Next year we will obtain vouchers from the town of Scott so that we can take the recovered trash to the town dump without a charge from the city.  Fred will bring a trailer the morning of the clean-up to transport the trash.  No more GREEN DUMPSTER:

Website Committee:

  • Teri deClairville has updated the website per all requests.

Apparel Committee:

  •  This is the last year that the Rich and LeeAnn will be in charge of apparel and would like someone else to take over selling the apparel. If you are interested in being in charge, contact a board member.  Special thanks to them for their 13 years of volunteering.


  • Sandy is looking for captains to take specific address and contact cabin owners to not only ask them to join the MLA but educate them on the benefits of belonging to the Lake Association.

Walleye Fund:

  • George asked Tom Powers to comment on monies donated for a certain fund:
  • Tom mentioned that the fund must be used for what is has been designated for unless the person who donated the money would allow it to be used for some other project or they can ask to have the money return to the original donor.

2019 Objectives:

  • Two objectives were presented. One to increase membership by at least 50 members and to apply for a Clean Boat/Clean Water grant from the DNR.
  • A resolution was introduced to apply for a Clean Boat/Clean Water grant. Resolution was approved.



Upcoming 2019 Calendar
  Roadside Clean-up:  April 27 (need new chairman)
Booya Food Prep

Aug, 2 -8:00 am

Booya –August 4th

8:00 a.m. Set-up

12:00 a,m Serving starts

May Meeting May 25
Annual Meeting June 29
Boat Parade July 4
July Meeting July 27
Booya August 3
September Meeting September 1




  • Adjourn: 9:26

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