The instructions below describe the steps to create the Events page of this site.

Setup and Edits

  1. The events page contains the same Elementor components previously used in either the Home or About Us page.
  2. The section used is the same layout as for the Home Page – 2 columns with the left column using 75% of the total content width.
  3. The main content is constructed using the Text Editor widget just like the the Text widget below the “Board Members” heading in the About Us page.
  4. The right column (siderbar) consists of a Heading widget and Text Editor widget as used in the left column (main content) of the About Us page.
  5. The Text Editor widget widget in the right column contains hyperlinks (clicking takes the user to a new internet location.)
    [These hyperlinks will still link to files in the original model basic site, not the member site.
    They would need to be changed to link to the member’s site as shown below if used in the member site.
    In the Elementor sidebar, type the link text next to the bullet.
    Highlight the text and click the chain link icon above the editing area.
    Enter the URL (internet address)
    If the URL is for a media file in the library, find the URL as follows:
    1. Dashboard -> Media -> Library
    2. Click the media file.
    3. Copy the URL shown
    4. Paste the URL in the box created above when the chain link was clicked.
  6. Click the down-to-right arrow (apply when hovering over it) to apply the URL to the link.
  7. Click the “Update” button at the bottom of the Elementor sidebar to save the page edits.
  8. Click the Settings icon in the Elementor sidebar lower left.
    Turn the Hide Title switch to “YES”.

Green Section

The green section below in the Image widget are help aids such as a link to these instructions and not normally part of this page.

Final Steps

  1. Click the “Update” button at the bottom of the Elementor sidebar to save the page edits.
  2. Click the hamburger icon in the Elementor sidebar, then click the “Exit to Dashboard” button to exit Elementor.