Invasive Species Update

Invasive Species Update


Despite our best efforts in educating people about Clean Boat/Clean Water initiatives, in October 2016 the Wisconsin DNR confirmed zebra mussels are in Big McKenzie Lake.  THIS IS VERY SERIOUS. Zebra mussel updates and articles from the first detection to the present are presented in chronological order below.  Open and review to become familiar with the when-where-why, what steps are being taken, and moving forward from here.

Decontamination Station - 2017

Thanks to a group of McKenzie Lakes Association volunteers, headed up by John Lofswold and Jane Willette, the decontamination stations at all three public landings on the McKenzie Lakes have been installed as of August 31. Each station has a set aside area where boaters can temporarily park their vehicles and trailers, while following instructions on the sign to inspect, remove and decontaminate their watercraft. There is also a compost area for placing any removed plants as well as tools and a sprayer containing a weak bleach decontamination solution. We are encouraging all watercraft operators to do this before and after they use the lakes.

Why decontamination before entering and leaving the lakes? IT’S NOW THE LAW. With the recent discovery of Zebra Mussels in Big and Middle McKenzie Lakes we need to do everything possible to prevent the spread of these very harmful mussels. There are other equally harmful invasive species out there, such as the Quagga Mussel and the Starry Stonewort that we need to prevent from entering our lakes. Consequently, to stop aquatic hitchhikers, it is just as important to decontaminate watercraft before launching into the lakes as it is to decontaminate watercraft when removing from the lakes.

It is now up to each one of us to do our part and not only use these decontamination stations but to ask others to do the same. Again thanks to all of the volunteers that helped make this happen.

Committee Members:
John Lofswold, Jane Willette, Sandy Swanson, Scott and Sue Ballantyne, and Mike Schollmeyer

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2021 Schedule


Roadside Clean-Up – May 8, 2021

1st meeting – May 29, 2021

2nd meeting – June 26, 2021 (Annual Meeting)

Boat Parades – July 4, 2021

3rd meeting – July 31, 2021

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4th meeting – September 4, 2021

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